Student Alex Broadley has success in his pocket after launching a wallets company.

With more and more customers using cards and not cash, Broadley explored the idea of producing miniature leather carriers after visiting a London trade fair with his father.

It was there that Small Wallets Ltd was born, and the three ranges – Secrid, Double OO and Grid – are already proving popular.

The 19-year old, currently studying entrepreneurship at Falmouth University, is the latest in a long line of Broadleys to pursue a career in retail.

Their clothing and footwear store has been a mainstay in East Grinstead since 1896, and Alex Broadley wants this new venture to become a best-selling line for the firm.

“Like a lot of retailers, we found that less and less people are carrying cash, so the old fashioned wallets are no longer a necessity.

“Customers would ask us for smaller, slimmer wallets with protection against RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and eventually I decided this could be quite a lucrative direction to follow.”

He added: “At Falmouth we are encouraged to develop our own businesses – and I’ve always been entrepreneurial – so it was a simple decision to make.

“Since launching earlier this year the response has been amazing, I’ve been inundated with orders online and in-store.”