An innovative Cornwall-based digital start-up has finally gone fully live this month, after several years of meticulous planning and development.

Pixxcell is a free and easy to use storytelling platform, which allows users to create beautiful maps of destinations and journeys around the globe.

The ambitious start-up is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Melissa Mercer, and is based at Tremough Innovation Centre.

Mercer, an avid adventure traveller with a background in editing natural history programmes for the BBC, relaunched Pixxcell after improvements were made to an earlier version and a soft launch phase was completed.

She said: “We are thrilled to unveil Pixxcell – which we think of as the world’s first time travelling atlas of human curiosity. Our talented team of developers have worked incredibly hard to bring this concept to life; it’s fantastic to see users begin to embrace it.”