WBYS to Rip it Up, Start Again


Cornish customer research start-up business, Who Buys Your Stuff (WBYS), is presenting at a special event for tech start-ups in London.

WBYS co-founder, Ernest Capbert, will speak at the ‘Rip it Up, Start Again’ event at Shoreditch House on April 29, about his approach to starting a new business, how WBYS is ‘disrupting’ customer research and finding success doing it.

WBYS launched ten months ago and in that time has brought in a number of clients, ranging from a leading European sports retailer to a luxury accommodation business in Costa Rica that has been featured in Forbes.

“When the team at (brand consultancy and event organiser) Honey Creative reached out and asked us to be a part of what looks to be a meeting of big thinkers in the world of tech and brand disruptors in the UK, we were pumped,” Capbert commented.

“We’ve come up with a solution, that’s solving a big problem and we both feel super fortunate to be able to work with the businesses we’re working with.”