A man on a mission

Craig Blackburn
Craig Blackburn

A former West Briton journalist has set up a copywriting agency for lifestyle businesses and creative agencies across Cornwall.

Craig Blackburn says that after 20 years in journalism, with his new venture, Blue Scribe, he was “on a mission to personalise marketing speak and humanise brand messages”.

“In business, customers buy into the the people behind the brand, and that’s what keeps them coming back for more,” Blackburn said.

“I refuse to write ‘vanilla’ marketing copy, full of meaningless, overused corporate phrases, which makes every business sound the same.”

Blue Scribe specialises in Cornish lifestyle businesses and creative agencies – from “camper vans to flip flops, vineyards to restaurants and photographers to artists” – but Blackburn has also written about everything from physiotherapy to finance since starting his new venture.