Who buys your stuff?


Ex-co founder and ex-head of marketing of cold water surf brand Finisterre, Ernest Capbert and Gregor Matthews are striking out on their own.

The business, Who Buys Your Stuff, is based at Tremough Innovation Centre and provides a customer-profiling tool for online SME’s.

L-R: Ernest Capbert and Gregor Matthews
L-R: Gregor Matthews and Ernest Capbert

Co-founder Ernest Capbert explains: “Founders, Co-founders, business owners and key members of staff, do not have to continue to make huge top level decisions around an assumed customer any longer. Attempting to market to ABC1, or customers ranging from 25 – 45yrs of age, is absolutely bananas, and more importantly, is going to put your brand on it’s back foot.”

Co-founder Gregor Matthews commented: “We are living in such an exciting time as online businesses, with so many of us sitting on incredible data and if used correctly, can achieve some incredible results; clear, quantifiable profiles of the people who are actually spending money with you and if you know this, you can make much better decisions with them in mind.”