Volunteer support


Volunteers serve in many capacities by contributing time, enthusiasm and ability that helps to positively develop communities and organisations.

Throughout a career coordinating and managing volunteers, Elle Fletcher has witnessed many times the impact a team of volunteers can have on the sustainability and growth of an organisation.

Elle Fletcher

Fletcher set up Finders Keepers Cornwall, a consultancy who invest the time necessary in building relationships with volunteers.

Fletcher commented: “Volunteers are individuals therefore it’s not always appropriate to treat them as a collective group by introducing generic procedures to manage them. Finders Keepers help organisations by offering bespoke and personal support, introducing procedures that embrace and celebrate what individuals have to offer.”

Finders Keepers help those who are considering utilising volunteer support and those with already established volunteer networks. They provide support that includes advice and guidance, creation and implementation of volunteer programmes and policy writing.


  1. After many years as a professional serving the publicity needs of the charity sector, I so welcome what you describe. Have you considered franchising this countrywide?

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