New agency Rock’s into town


Some of the Cornish marketing industry’s leading lights have got together to form a new agency.

The Wolf Rock team

The team behind Truro-based Wolf Rock – Jo Downie, Phil Gendall, Dave Meneer, Joss Price and Angelo Spencer-Smith – are all experienced marketers in their own right.

Gendall explained: “As marketers with the advantage of having owned or run businesses, we see marketing from a client perspective. And as a group we have the credentials to really make a difference to businesses in Cornwall and the south west.”

Meneer, who has previously worked for such organisations as the Eden Project and Fifteen Cornwall, added: “We’ve all worked for the best of the big companies and more recently all operated on our own wits on a freelance basis too.

“In many ways Cornwall’s great pool of freelance talent is a backlash to the tired responses of the big dinosaur agencies up country but Wolf Rock represents a small shift back.

“David beat Goliath because he was quicker witted and more agile, but how much better could a little gang of Davids be? We have all been working well individually but all felt how much more exciting it would be to spark off each other – still agile in terms of thinking and delivery but able to share ideas and bounce off each other as a uniquely effective team.”


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