Start-up targets niche market


A new company has opened for business in Cornwall focusing on a niche service in the welding trade.

Laser welder John Forde

Laser Welding Services has been set up by John Forde, and claims to be the only independent mobile laser welder in the south west and one of just a handful in the country.

Forde identified a gap in the market after years spent as a precision engineer, specialising in injection mould tooling.

He discovered, after sub-contracting laser welding work, just how integral it was to getting more precise jobs completed and to take welding solutions to a new level.

And he says it showed him that most people don’t use laser welding simply because they don’t know it exists.

He said: “I have worked within precision engineering for many years and I saw the positive impact laser welding had on many businesses and trades who came to learn about it.

“It is still very new and I am currently the only business offering this in the south west but I’m keen to promote it and show what can really be achieved with the right tools and a high level of skill.”