New business kicks into action


A new company is launching in Falmouth to help people cherish memories in an unusual way.

Unique Ball Products will specialise in transferring photographs and digital images onto sports balls of all shapes and varieties from its new unit opening at the Carrick Business Centre.

Martin Pool, 68, is setting up the family business to utilise an idea which first struck him in South Africa, whilst working with the Merchant Navy, where he saw images being painted onto eggs.

Having retired after 42 years with the Merchant Navy and trained in this new skill in the USA, Pool has launched Unique Ball Products, recruiting a local team who have been training in the skills required to produce these special balls.

He said: “Many people enjoy sport, from professional players through to our children who love having a ball to play with. I spotted a niche in the market when I saw images being painted onto ostrich eggs in South Africa. The shape of the egg made me think of a rugby ball and the idea started from there.”