Championing Cornish Talent

Pic: Dougie Woods (Talent Cornwall)
Talent Cornwall director, Dougie Woods

A new Cornwall-based company, focusing on management and specialist recruitment, is aiming to transform the way local employers resource top performers for their organisation.

The web-based company, launched this month, has been created to fill a gaps in the market within these specific fields. Rather than advertising job vacancies to potential candidates, the company will market experienced professionals to the businesses that need them.

Talent Cornwall aim to source their quality candidates and then showcases their experience, skills and abilities online. This will allow employers to decide who, and who does not, interest them, without being subjected to ‘hard sell’ or frequent phone calls.

The company will market candidates who have proved to be a valuable asset to their profession. Talent Cornwall’s team have many years of recruitment experience allowing them to design rigorous selection process to ensure candidates on website will be of a high calibre.

At a time when cost-cutting has hampered new recruitment nationwide, the company recognises that it must offer employers real value for money. They say that despite their focus on providing high quality individuals, they intend to keep operating costs low enabling them to offer what they believe to be market-beating rates.

Outlining the benefits of his new venture, Company Director and top HR professional Dougie Woods says:

“In the current financial climate employers increasingly want maximum value for money. We aim to show that we can market quality people at a cost that represents real affordability.

“We intend to promote the concept of talent and the value that talented people bring to organisations. Clearly when we talk about talent, in this context, we don’t mean people who entertain an audience. Talent, in a work sense, is all about people who create value and inspire an organisation to realise their potential.

“What we can do is provide a platform where these true professionals can really stand out to employers and show them what they can do.” He continued.

Talent Cornwall operates entirely on-line and can be found by prospective candidates and employers alike at It is currently recruiting for General Management roles and specialist positions in HR, IT, Finance and Legal.