St Agnes-based coaching business Evolution Development has launched a new online academy in response to the growing trend for online learning and working.

Having previously delivered the majority of the business training in-person, MD Martin Crump made the decision to move permanently online at the start of the first lockdown last March.

He explained: “When the pandemic hit, we lost a year’s worth of in-person training bookings in one day. We quickly had to adapt to working online, and the feedback from clients was really positive.

“We’ve observed lots of benefits when it comes to learning online: the access to video learning content means trainees can pause, rewind, make notes and learn in their own time.”

Earlier this month, Evolution carried out a survey to analyse how attitudes to working online had changed over the course of the pandemic, which showed continued enthusiasm for flexible working. 76% of respondents reported increased job satisfaction, and felt they were more productive and motivated to start their working day.

During the course of the pandemic, Evolution recorded over 50 hours of learning content, with courses on topics like time management, managing stress, and goal setting. At the height of the first lockdown, Evolution created a short course on resilience in response to the challenges of dealing with change and new working environments.

“The way we work online is changing,” added Crump, “and the Evolve Online Academy is designed to keep pace with a flexible working future. When structuring the courses we use a microlearning approach, where content is broken down into modules that can be watched at learners’ own pace; the videos can even be sped up or slowed down.

“The courses we created during the lockdown were geared towards people working remotely, who may have found managing their time or stress levels difficult, but they are really suitable for anyone who would like to get better at what they do, become more organised, or work towards personal or professional goals.”