The world of work post lockdown


A survey by Truro-based coaching and training business Evolution has shown that only 7% of businesses will be returning to the way they operated pre-lockdown as a result of the period of remote working over the last two months.

The survey, which looked at the benefits and challenges that businesses have faced while working from home because of Covid-19, found that 75% of respondents felt they were more productive working from home. 78% felt satisfied with the new, temporary way of working.

Other benefits respondents noted included more time with family, fewer distractions, more time for exercise or hobbies, and the ability to complete home maintenance tasks like laundry during work breaks – resulting in a better work-life balance overall.

Many businesses have been forced to quickly roll out working from home for all or part of their staff during the pandemic, and the survey shows that the experience of remote working has been positive overall.

Evolution MD Martin Crump said: “The results of the survey were really interesting and reflected what I’ve been hearing from clients and friends during the lockdown. Working flexibly – the option to work from home at least part-time – has huge benefits for staff; it allows us to balance our lives better, which means a happier, more motivated workforce.’

Challenges reported by respondents included social isolation and finding communicating with co-workers more difficult.

Crump added: “The lockdown has provided a real opportunity for businesses to try out flexible working, and I think we’ll see many businesses sticking with at least some aspects.

“It’s important that the transition is managed well: that businesses think about their strategy for moving to a more flexible approach, that managers know how to manage a flexible team and address the challenges that come with this new way of working.”