Truro School draws on connections


Truro School has launched a new Sixth Form initiative aimed at boosting employment opportunities for its students.

Truro School Connected aims to put Truro School’s Sixth Form students and alumni in contact with a vast professional network.

Consisting of alumni, past and present parents, governors and staff, the network offers students a wide range of advice and opportunities whilst choosing universities and career paths. Truro School Connected starts in the Sixth Form but will continue as a resource when needed, at any stage of life.

It is there to advise those who do know what they want to do and those who are still working that out.

Development and alumni relations manager, Nicky Berridge, said: “In the former pupil community, Truro School has an abundance of talent, who are willing and happy to assist the school help its current students in progression on to universities and careers.”

Alumni from all over the UK and around the world have signed up to be part of Truro School Connected offering to review CVs, become university representatives, or offer internships and shadowing days, all of which are key elements of the programme.

Jayne Grigg, director of admissions, said: “It’s really helpful to talk to someone who’s just set out on their career or just started their university course in addition to somebody who is long-established in a particular field; there is help at every single point in the process.

“Not only that, Truro School Connected helps alumni help each other, so this isn’t exclusive to current Sixth Form students.”

For more information on TSConnected or to get involved, contact Nicky Berridge on