A Cornish business has been recognised for its agricultural flair.

Tregothnan, which is home to the UK’s only commercial tea farm, has been identified as among the most innovative agricultural businesses in the UK by Barclays.

Announced today (Sept 26) in a report called ‘Formidable Farmers’, Barclays is championing diversification success stories among the industry and highlighting the contribution these ventures make to the British economy. And Barclays has chosen Tregothnan for its unique diversification into tea.

Capitalising on the area’s microclimate, the Tregothnan team, led by MD of trading, Jonathon Jones, has spent the last 20 years developing the estate’s tea plantations and building the production side of the business.

Diversification into tea production has successfully increased the output of the business by giving estate owners another source of revenue. In fact, Tregothnan has seen an increase in sales of its tea by 39% domestically and 140% internationally over the last five years, and it’s confident about business prospects post Brexit.

Jones said: “Like many estates in the UK, diversification has been a huge part of our success. Each day we’re working to perfect the tea producing side of our business and while it’s no easy task, recognition – both domestically and internationally – shows that we’re doing something right.”