Cleaning up the streets of Truro


Truro held its third City Clean-up event last week, with 18 business and 12 community organisations helping to spruce up the city.

Organised by Truro BID and Newham BID, City Clean-up involved over 130 community and business representatives volunteering their time by litter-picking and cleaning within the city centre and surrounding community housing areas.

Along with Truro BID and Newham BID, community volunteer, Paul Caruana and Damien Richards, community development officer from Truro City Council, also played a vital role in helping Truro shine.

Mel Richardson, Newham BID manager said: “This has been a great example of Truro working together at the Newham and the Port of Truro riverside business district. Businesses and the community have been litter picking alongside each other, volunteering their time to take care of their environment.”

Truro BID manager, Alun Jones, added: “It has been a concentrated effort by all involved and we would like to thank the Truro businesses and community for getting stuck in to make Truro gleam.

“With more than 100 bags of rubbish collected, it is less than last year – which means we are making a difference!”


  1. I am all for picking up the rubbish (which should not be there in the first place), and I commend those that helped, I will be helping in my area soon. I would like to say though, cleaning Truro is not just about litter. The Piazza is filthy and the Council seem to think that rain is a road and path cleaner. I walked through it a couple of days ago and it was covered in Seagull droppings and had a fair amount of dog poo on it. Food is sold on the Piazza and before we do anything else a regular cleaning routine of the floor of the Piazza and the surrounding area especially the cut through and pavement to the Taxi rank which is usually also filthy should be instigated. Please instigate a really thorough clean of this area. We would all appreciate it.

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