Truro School Sixth Form has been identified as the top-performing co-educational A-Level provider in Cornwall.

The county’s school league tables show Truro School Sixth Form as the leading co-educational A-Level provider in Cornwall for both the average grade received and percentage of students achieving AAB or higher in at least two facilitating subjects.

With 104 students taking A-Level exams, by far the largest independent school Sixth Form in Cornwall, the data shows Truro School students received an average points score of 39.98 (Grade B), with 20% of Truro School’s Sixth Form achieving AAB, or higher, in at least two facilitating subjects. This compares to a county average of 15.4%.

Truro School Headmaster, Andrew Gordon-Brown, said: “We are delighted to be the leading co-educational Sixth Form in Cornwall but I believe that what we offer at Truro School is much more than a statistic.

“We encourage students to find and fully develop their talents through challenges, opportunities and a great deal of academic enrichment. Our impressive co-curricular programme nurtures students to become well-rounded young adults, prepares them for university and beyond into the world of work and is a dynamic springboard to their future.”