New venture from DadPad


It’s World Prematurity Day today (Nov 17) and Cornish company DadPad has marked the occasion by announcing its new product – DadPad Neonatal.

The DadPad was created to fill a gap in services and support for new dads – helping them to prepare for the life-changing experience of having a child.

The pack of laminated cards covers everything from holding and handling a baby to support with anxiety and mental health issues.

The new version of the information pack will be available early 2018 and creator Julian Bose said: “Being a new dad is already a difficult thing to come to terms with, and being a parent of a child in neonatal care potentially comes with a whole lot of other emotions and problems to deal with, but certainly with more information to be understood about your new baby.

“Sometimes when a child is in neonatal care, there may be medical attention required for both baby and mother – initially leaving the dad to come to terms with the situation completely alone. This can be traumatic and we hope the DadPad Neonatal will become a valuable tool to offer support and advice during this sensitive time.

“World Prematurity Day was a natural day to share the new product, as the day highlights the work our wonderful neonatal teams do.”

Following the launch of DadPad Neonatal in 2018 at Royal Cornwall Hospital and Poole Hospital in Dorset, Bose hopes to see the resource available across all 178 neonatal units in the country, and generate a community of dads who can discuss and share their problems, questions and anecdotes.