Brew your own at Driftwood


The Driftwood Spars Brewery launched a new product at the recent Agile On The Beach conference – Brew your Own.

The company was commissioned to produce a beer especially for the event by the organisers.

The beer, appropriately titled ‘BDD’ which stands for ‘Beer Driven Development’, reflects the laid-back creativity that has become a feature of the largest Agile conference outside the USA and attracts an international audience.

Owner of the Driftwood Spars Brewery, Louise Treseder, said: “This isn’t the first time we have produced a beer for a specific event. We have worked with a number of companies including MPAD and Headforwards to produce beers for celebrations.

“Since then, demand for bespoke beers has grown and we have decided to open the service up to all businesses and organisations.”

Event organiser, Toby Parkins, said: “We wanted to do something memorable for this year’s event and with the global resurgence in craft brewing we thought that having our own ale was the perfect idea.

“The craft brewing process is surprisingly Agile.  You have to react to different conditions as you go along. Like software development, when you create a beer, you know what you want to achieve but as it evolves it often changes slightly.

“You start with an idea but by the end it ends up being better than you originally envisaged.”