Taking renewables further


Renewables Ring

The Renewables Ring, a partnership originally formed to provide access to high quality turbine maintenance across the UK, has expanded to help customers choose and install their renewable energy systems.

The partnership, formed by Scaled Energy, Cornwall-based Natural Generation and LessCO2 Limited, offers renewable energy expertise wherever you are in the UK and brings together three companies with 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Scaled Energy MD, Zeno Kerr, said: “The partnership quickly proved to be a success so it made complete sense to extend what we were doing together to include helping customers right at the start of their renewable project as well as offering maintenance for existing turbine owners.”

Customers can now work with The Renewables Ring to choose, install and maintain wind turbine or solar PV systems.

The partnership’s original goals of reducing travel time and emissions also remain firmly in place.

Ivor Thomson, MD of Natural Generation, explained: “We continue to allocate work to the organisation closest to the customer which makes complete sense for everyone involved and the environment.

“We will always aim to reduce environmental impacts, it’s a core belief of the partnership.”