Employment law seminar


Cornish businesses are being warned to ensure they are prepared for the imminent changes to UK employment law.

With a raft of new legislation in 2013 and further alterations to the law in 2014, employers who don’t adjust their HR and employment regulations could be at serious risk for being non-compliant.

Founder of Sekoya Specialist Employment Services, Donna Negus, said it was “vital” for businesses to reassess their current legal and HR situation.

She said: “It is hard for employers to keep up to date with the current legal landscape, but it is essential that they do or they risk losing out financially in the courts should an employee or client bring legal action against them.”

In an effort to ensure Cornish businesses are covered, Sekoya is holding a free consultation clinic for employers on February 10 at the Alverton Manor in Truro.

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