Skinner’s a hit in Canada


A Cornish brewer has recently returned from highly successful trip to Canada, culminating at Calgary Beer Festival in Alberta.

Steve Skinner
Skinner’s chief exec Steve Skinner

Truro-based Skinner’s Brewery already has an established trade network in the west of Canada and chief executive Steve Skinner spent two weeks visiting customers, training staff, meeting agents and briefing sales reps in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as taking part in the festival.

Skinner was also interviewed on local TV and radio and one of his beers won the People’s Choice prize at the festival.

The trip was planned and organised by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Supplier Association (BFBI) assisted by UKTI international trade adviser, Juliette Cattell.

She said: “Food and drink forms an important part of UK exports, but it is important for companies to know where potential markets for specific products can be found.

“UKTI have identified a growing demand for artisan beers in number of countries, including Canada and the USA, where UK beer producers are seen as being at the forefront of their craft and have received a very positive response.”

Skinner added: “The whole two weeks in Canada was really worthwhile, especially taking part in the Calgary Beer Festival, where I made some great contacts and met some fantastic people.”

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