Campaign urges to ‘Choose Cornish’


A new campaign is being launched to encourage people to ‘Choose Cornish’.

It is a joint venture between the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and Cornwall Food and Drink Ltd. And while it is being officially launched at the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival later this month, it is a campaign that extends across all local products and services, from grocery to IT.

Chamber chief executive Kim Conchie said: “We want to make sure this campaign produces some quantifiable benefits and not just hot air, so we will be introducing some targets and measuring the impact of the campaign.

“We’re going to take a good look at actual prices too, because we’re certain that ‘local’ doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’ at all. Using suppliers from Cornwall means you’ll get better service, keen pricing and will improve the skills in the local supply chain. It is as important that an organisation chooses its IT provider locally as its water cooler.”

Cornwall Food and Drink’s Ruth Huxley added: “One of the key messages of this campaign is that we all have choices about what we buy and where we buy it from; that’s why we’ve called it Choose Cornish.

“We want to encourage people to make an active decision to do just that. The other message is that very small changes by people or businesses individually can make a massive collective impact. For example, if everybody who lives in Cornwall spent just 50p of their weekly grocery budget on local produce from a local supplier, it would deliver well over £10 million into Cornwall’s economy in a year.”

The campaign will officially be launched at Truro Cathedral on Thursday September 27.