Eden pavilion at COP26


The Eden Project has partnered with international architecture practice Grimshaw in the delivery of the Eden Project Pavilion at the UK-hosted 2021 COP26, in Glasgow.

Located in the Blue Zone in the Scottish Exhibition Centre, the Eden Project Pavilion is a showcase of, and call to arms for, the actions needed to regenerate our fractured planet. It harnesses the geodesic design reminiscent of the Eden Project biomes, designed by Grimshaw, but this time its collapsed panels reflect the planetary crisis we have entered.

At COP26 the Eden Project Pavilion houses a “cabinet of climate curiosities” – objects that represent the urgent transformations required, which in turn have nurtured an ecosystem within the dome. Plants climb up and in through the cracks as biodiversity once more returns.

The Pavilion “creates a narrative of hope and positive change, recognising the potential we have to heal our broken planet”.

The structure, designed by Grimshaw – adapting and developing the original concept – and fabricated and constructed by Sir Robert McAlpine, uses only materials that have been grown, reused or recycled. While visually creating a metaphor for the planetary emergency, its design is inspired by nature: minimum materials for maximum strength, with the reused plywood structure supporting the abundant planting and exhibit elements.

The recycled and reused materials have been sourced from local construction sites and from the stage used for the outdoor Eden Sessions concerts in Cornwall.

The design, construction and delivery of the Pavilion at COP26 brings together the original team behind the design and delivery of Eden Project Cornwall – Eden Project, Grimshaw and Sir Robert McAlpine – which after 20 years of operation has attracted 22 million visitors, creating an estimated £2.2 billion impact on the local economy.

David Harland, CEO of Eden Project International, said: “We are honoured to be part of this hugely important event and hope that visitors to the Eden Project Pavilion will be entertained and enlightened in equal measure.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved, alongside our partners at Grimshaw and Sir Robert McAlpine particularly, and hope that COP26 will mark a new era of global cooperation to tackle the environmental challenges that all of us as Earthlings face.”