Bystro Crowdfunder campaign


Hot on the heels of opening his second restaurant, Bystro at the Lamb & Flag in Redruth, Ben Stevens has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help raise money to open more restaurants in Cornwall.

He explained: “It’s an amazing thing; that feeling when you recruit people into new jobs, which didn’t exist before. We have now built two restaurants in under a year and want to open several more.

“The down-side is that banks don’t want to help us and restaurants don’t get any support from the current grant systems. Raising capital has become nearly a full time job in itself.

“So we’ve turned to Crowdfunder for help. We’ve had some amazing support already, but we need more if we’re going to push this as far as we can. I simply don’t have the cash to open more restaurants, but I do have the courage to push the project forward, and in today’s economic climate that has to stand for something.”