Brewery set to clean up


beer soap

St Austell Brewery is diversifying from bar to bathroom – with the launch of a bar of soap.

Proper Job is used to cleaning up at awards ceremonies, and is now set to clean up elsewhere as well.

While beer has been a favourite tipple for centuries, what people may not know is that beer has also been used for just as long as a skin-conditioner, and was even used by ancient Egyptians as a face freshener.

To harness those skin-nourishing properties, Cornish soap maker Sapooni has been working in collaboration with St Austell Brewery to formulate a “gentle, nourishing and natural” beer soap.

And the star ingredient is Proper Job IPA.

Joanne Baskott, founder of Sapooni, enthused: “We believe that a good soap should work with the skin, so our Proper Job Soap starts with a base of olive oil and coconut oil (deeply moisturising) and beeswax (to seal all the lovely ingredients into the skin).

“The finished soap has a rich, creamy lather, and the addition of a generous dollop of wild-harvested Shea Butter – a wonderful, intense moisturiser for hungry skin – make this soap a joy to use. It’s great for both sexes, as it has a fresh, citrusy scent from the blend of natural essential oils we use. What more could you want from a humble bar of soap?”

Jeremy Mitchell, marketing and communications director for St Austell Brewery, added: “We’re very excited to see another local Cornish company putting one of our beers to good use in such an unusual way.”