Get Contract Ready


People looking to buy property in Cornwall swiftly and efficiently can keep an eye out for those that are “contract ready”, thanks to a new scheme from two St Austell-based firms.

L-R: Mark Lewis, partner at Lewis Property Consultants; Coodes’ Jo Morgan and Justin Knight of Lewis.

Coodes Solicitors and estate agents Lewis Property Consultants have teamed up to create Contract Ready stamps that can be added to for sale boards, showing that the sellers have had the title to their property checked out by a solicitor.

Jo Morgan, legal executive with Coodes property team in St Austell, said: “We want to encourage people to think about engaging a solicitor at the earliest stage.

“It shows potential buyers that you are serious about selling and means your property is more attractive to the largest slice of the market – buyers who want to move quickly.”

Contract Ready works where a property owner selling through Lewis Property Consultants instructs Coodes to start gathering the necessary information for a sale – even before a buyer has put in an offer.

This includes ensuring documents such as the title deed are to hand, in preparation for exchanging contracts when the time comes.

Once this paperwork is in place, Coodes then sends the property owner the Contract Ready stamp to add to their For Sale board.