Ale sales up at St Austell

Roger Ryman, Head Brewer at St Austell Brewery with Tribute

St Austell Brewery sold more pints in the last year than in any other time in its history.

The family-owned brewery beat its previous best by almost two million, to sell 14.5 million pints of ale in the past 12 months.

The news comes as the Cask Ale Report 2010 shows Britain’s national drink is enjoying a surge in popularity, at a time when the beer market is declining.

The report states that there were 120,000 new cask ale drinkers and 3,000 new pubs stocking it in the past year.

Jeremy Mitchell, St Austell Brewery’s marketing director, said: “This report simply confirms what we already knew – this is a nation of beer lovers, with Cornwall leading the way.”

Sales of St Austell Brewery’s cask ales are up 14.5% on 2009. In the 12 months up to August 2010, the company sold 50,342 brewers’ barrels of ale – which translates to 14,498,496 pints. Over the same period in 2009, it sold 12,661,056 pints, or 43,962 brewers’ barrels.

Tribute alone sold 10.3 million cask pints in 2010, compared to 8.9 million the previous year – a 15.8% increase. These figures come on top of a growth of 19% in 2009.