Brewery launches chilli beer


St Austell Brewery has launched a new ale designed to add it a bit of spice to the lives of real ale fans across the south west.

Cockleroaster –  a chilli and chocolate infused stout – is the first new beer in a seasonal ale programme launched by St Austell Brewery for 2010.

The Brewery has teamed up with the  South Devon Chilli Farm to create Cockleroaster, which is a 4.5 % abv ale.

The rich dark stout is brewed with pale and roasted malt, while dark chocolate and finely chopped chillis are added at the final stage of the brewing process to give the subtle spicy flavour.

First trialled at the Celtic Beer Festival, Cockleroaster was a big hit with ale lovers and was one of the first to sell out.

St Austell Brewery’s head brewer, Roger Ryman, said: “We’re really excited about launching Cockleroaster, the first of many interesting and innovative seasonal ales that we’ll be introducing throughout 2010.

“We’re delighted to have been able to team up with another south west producer to create Cockleroaster, which is a delicious ale which brings together two very different flavours that complement each other perfectly. Despite its strength, the ale is quite light in body. Customers should taste the chocolate as the main flavour and get a subtle taste of chilli with the aftertaste.”

Cockleroaster will be available in select St Austell Brewery pubs across the south west and available to free trade customers.


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