New perspective in Penzance


The hoisting of a special flag and the launch of a panoramic rooftop webcam were two of the highlights of an event to relaunch one of Penzance’s most prominent buildings.

PZ360 is the new title of Penlowarth, a former HMRC tax office on St Mary’s Terrace, Penzance, that has undergone extensive renovations and refurbishment.


The building – once dubbed the 4th ugliest building in Britain by The Daily Telegraph – has taken more than 18 months of hard work and planning to be transformed into the largest business hub in Penzance.

Bill Radmore, director of MBT Ltd which took over the premises in 2012, said: “We, together with our tenants and funders, have so far invested some £700k in upgrades to both the interior and exterior and aim to further invest more over the next three years towards transforming the whole of the building.”

The six-floor building is now home to a range of businesses operating on a local and international level, employing some 170 people.

International currency trader Tor FX and training providers Working Links are long-term tenants, while recruitment specialist Red Commerce and networking and IT expert Microcomms has recently moved to PZ360.

The Workbox, a flexible office facility for freelancers and home-based businesses, has also made good use of the central location of PZ360 to base their business.

The ground floor and entrance is the latest aspect of PZ360 to be renovated, to accommodate the relocation of Devon and Cornwall Housing Association Ltd from St Johns Hall.

A new website makes use of a live panoramic webcam that streams images of Mount’s Bay from the tallest building in Penzance.

A new flag also flies from the building with the building logo incorporated into a traditional Cornish flag.