EGS teams with Slovakian company


Cornish geothermal energy specialist EGS Energy is teaming with a Slovakian company to develop its technology in the deep drilling sector.

EGS will work with Geothermal Anywhere in the coming months on applications for European grants under the EU’s Framework Programme 7 in the Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies Calls, amongst others.

Geothermal Anywhere is a drilling technology company located in Bratislava, Slovakia, that is developing a new deep drilling technology for the geothermal and oil/gas sectors based on non-contact methods of rock disintegration.

EGS technical director Roy Baria said: “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Geothermal Anywhere on a project that could improve significantly the commercial returns in the nascent deep geothermal sector.

“Our experience of deep drilling for geothermal targets is extensive and we believe that we can add substantially to what is already an excellent team and a ground-breaking technology.”

Igor Kocis, CEO of Geothermal Anywhere, added: “Geothermal Anywhere is now entering a new stage of the company development. We have the essential financial coverage of our R&D costs for the creation of a drilling prototype. We now need international partnerships and common projects with experienced companies from the drilling and engineered geothermal system fields. EGS Energy is such a partner and we expect mutual benefits from this alliance.”