Harbour lights up Strangers’ Bar


Bodmin-based Harbour Brewing Company is always finding new outlets for its popular range of beers, but now it has found a very exclusive audience.

Dan Rogerson MP ready to serve a pint of Cornish ale behind the Strangers' Bar in the House of Commons
Dan Rogerson MP ready to serve a pint of Harbour Brewing Co ale behind the Strangers’ Bar in the House of Commons

The brewery’s light ale has been on sale in the Strangers’ Bar in the Houses of Parliament, thanks to North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson, himself a beer enthusiast and vice-chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group.

MPs are regularly given the opportunity to have beers from breweries in their constituencies put on in the Strangers’ Bar – a venue open to MPs and Parliamentary officials and their guests.

Rogerson said: “Harbour Brewing Co are already making a great contribution to brewing, tourism and the local economy in North Cornwall.

“As a supporter of this exciting and growing industry, I was delighted to arrange for Harbour Light Ale to be served in the House of Commons.

“Parliamentarians, staff and visitors enjoyed trying this quality Cornish ale and it’s a sign that Harbour is taking its place alongside the more established breweries in our region.

“I congratulate Eddie, Rhys and the team on what they’ve achieved so far, and I look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength.”