Following on from the success of its Kalkar coffee spirit, The Cornish Distilling Co is set to release two new British rums this summer – white rum and a spiced rum.

The Bude-based business is one of a handful of distilleries in the UK that distills rum from scratch, with the team fermenting the sugarcane on-site.

Cornish Distilling says that having control over the fermentation, although time consuming, allows it to have more control over the flavour of the rum.

Head distiller Tom Read said: “Over the past 18 months we have learnt to ferment and distil; fine tuning the production at every step. I’ve grabbed any spare moment to further refine the production and this is especially true for the spicing.

“The list of spices, fruits and herbs tested is endless and I’m really happy with the final recipe. Expect notes of lemongrass, cardamon, clove, cacao nib, apricot and saffron.