Solen Solar Roadshow


Solen Energy UK is holding a two-day Solar Energy Roadshow event at its headquarters in Indian Queens starting on Wednesday, November 7 at 10am.

A series of workshops aimed at anyone that installs solar systems will demonstrate the latest Mastervolt and Enigin systems as well as the full range of solar equipment that Solen have.

Debbie Webb from Solen said “We are delighted that some of the industries top professionals have agreed to come and talk at our roadshow.

“Local solar installers and tradesmen will have a unique chance to get hands on with the products and talk to leading technicians working in the field.”

Local energy saving experts Enigin will also be at the roadshow where they will be demonstrating their monitoring systems that are in use all over the world.

Any business that is interested in solar as a clean source of energy for the future is invited to a special reception on Thursday, November 8th at 5:00pm at Solen HQ in Indian Queens.

Here they will be able to find out about the benefits of solar and energy management solutions in a relaxed non-technical environment.

Webb added “The Thursday evening session is aimed at any organisation that wants to talk about solar power in general, to find out what it could mean for their business without being bombarded by sales pitches or jargon.

“It can be confusing, as any new technology is.

Being able to speak impartially to technicians and other organisations in the same boat will hopefully alleviate some of the concerns that people may have.”