Sharp’s reports Doom Bar sales rise


Sharp’s has reported a significant rise in sales of its flagship beer brand.

Following last year’s acquisition by Molson Coors, the Rock-based brewery has seen considerable growth, with volume sales of Doom Bar lifting 22%.

Doom Bar is now said to be the third largest cask beer in the UK, now available in some 6,000 outlets across the country. Last year the brewery produced 117,517 (33,844,896 pints) barrels, compared to 81,199 barrels (23,385,312 pints) in 2010.

Staff numbers have also gone up, 18% year on year.

General manager Emma Bebbington said: “Last year was a real success for us. The sales growth of our core brands such as Doom Bar means we are able to invest back into the brewery and expand and improve our brewing operations.

“In turn we have been able to take on more employees which has had a really positive knock on effect for the local economy. We are determined to build on our recent successes and keep developing new, innovative products.”