The public is being invited to comment on improved plans for the long-awaited Carlyon Beach development.

Approved plans for the luxury resort are being revised and concentrate on Crinnis Beach. This will comprise of a beachside village of up to 361 homes with easy access to the two-mile stretch of sand at Carlyon Bay.

Developer, Commercial Estates Group (CEG), says the primary objective of the fresh approach is to move the sea wall back to create a dune sea defence following consultation with Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency.

CEG says the softer sea defence – to be planted with marram grass, sea couch and other self-colonising plants – will provide a habitat for wildlife, while its revised location further inland will have a lesser impact on the beach.

The project has been a long-running saga, beset by a number of obstacles over the years – extant planning permission was originally granted in 1990.

CEG corporate communications manager, Jacky Swain, said: “The Carlyon Beach development has been a long time in the making, and CEG’s unwavering commitment is a testament to the careful consideration that has gone into every step of these plans.

“The completed scheme will provide a great boost to the local economy and we’re excited to share these numerous improvements with the public that will benefit most from the development.”

Applications for the revised plans will be submitted this November. All public feedback is welcomed from September 10-October 1 by visiting where all information on the proposals will be available.

Two webinars will also be hosted on September 17 and September 22, offering a chance for anyone to hear the revised project scheme discussed and ask questions. To book a place on one of the webinars, email