Chamber urges clarity on hospitality opening

Cornwall Chamber CEO Kim Conchie

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is calling on the Government to clarify when hospitality businesses will be allowed to open.

It is widely anticipated that the green light will be given to hotels and restaurants for July 4, but the Government has yet to confirm details, giving the holiday industry in Cornwall scant time to prepare.

Chamber chief executive, Kim Conchie, said: “Hospitality is what we’re famous for in Cornwall. We have the most amazing network of businesses to welcome our guests all geared up to open their doors on 4th July if it’s safe to do so. The Government has said 4th July is opening date for all these wonderful places but is burying its head in the sand about the time and effort that are needed to make them ready for these extraordinary circumstances.

“We are training staff, stocking up, adapting our cafes, pubs, restaurants, campsites, hotels, tourist attractions, gardens, castles, villages, beaches … you name it, with your enjoyment and peace of mind top of our mind. Our hospitable sector employs 73,000 people all ready to make 2020 special.

“For their sakes, we need clarity from Government.  We’re currently basing our preparations on rumour and hearsay. Please just tell us the criteria you are using now. This massive sector loves looking after people and can’t wait any longer in its preparations for our visitors’ safety.”