Cornwall-based public relations and marketing consultant, Sue Bradbury, has written a new book entitled ‘Secret Cornwall’.

Published by Tor Mark Press, Secret Cornwall is a guide to some of the county’s less well-known but intriguing places of interest, including St Nectan’s Glen, Nancekuke, Nanjizal Bay and Dozmary Pool.

There are also suggestions for where to eat or drink nearby, other sites to see in the locality and Sat Nav references.

The idea for the book came about after a chance meeting between Bradbury and Tor Mark Press partner Anna Corbett at a Cornwall Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

“We happened to be sitting opposite each other and were chatting about living and working in Cornwall, yet not really exploring beyond familiar haunts,” said Bradbury.

“I’d been on a mission to discover new locations and then write about them for the new We are Cornwall website my team and I had recently launched. Anna was interested in finding out more and that ultimately led to a book contract.

“Working with Anna has been a real pleasure and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the research. I grew up in Cornwall but there are so many places I’ve never visited. It’s easy to stick to what you know but, once you start adventuring, it’s amazing what you find.”

Secret Cornwall by Sue Bradbury is priced at £5.99 and can be found in most local bookshops. It’s also available online.