Cornish hotel on reality TV


The owners of a Cornish hotel are set to become a reality television stars this month.

Nicholas Malcolm, who owns the Sands Resort Hotel in Porth, will be appearing on Channel 4’s Four in Bed, along with his son Tom.

The programme sees four B&B owners take turns to stay with one another and pay what they consider fair for their stay as they battle to be declared best value for money.

Taking part in the show was not an easy choice for resort owner Nicholas Malcolm. He said: “My natural instinct was to say no. My personality could be described as more Jack Dee than Dale Winton and all I could see were potential problems but the Sands team convinced me to give it a go.”

Joined by son Tom, Nicholas Malcolm set off on a two week adventure. Their first exotic clime? Huddersfield!

“We saw it as an opportunity for a road trip, some quality time as father and son and of course a chance to see a new area of England.  It was also nice to enjoy being customer instead of a host for a change.”

The trip turned out to be an exciting but also enlightening experience for the pair who have owned Sands since 1980

They both enjoyed their time on the show and have even become friends with some of the crew and fellow contestants.

Back at the family hotel in Porth, the pair admit to missing the limelight.

“Tom in particular seemed to relax into his new-found celebrity status having been mobbed by staff in a Spar shop while buying a toothbrush, who also gave him a rendition of the programme’s theme tune whilst taking selfies.”

With the content of the show under wraps until airing, Nicholas described the other ‘contestants’ as an eclectic mix, but it’s the final comments that are certain to make the show essential viewing. Tom and Nicholas can’t wait to see the judgement day edit.

Four in a Bed will be aired from November 20 on Channel 4.