Cornwall in Geek’s Guide to Britain


Cornwall features in a new guide to the “UK’s places of invention and technological wonder”.

The Geek’s Guide of Britain is intended as an informative and entertaining travel guide to some of the country’s “sci-tech hotspots” as well as “lesser-known oddities”.

Gavin Clarke, Geek’s Guide to Britain author and editor, said: “Which country is credited with designing more than half of the world’s most important inventions? Is it Germany, home of the VW? Japan, birthplace of the Walkman? The US, land of NASA and Google?

“No: Britain. To celebrate this, we’ve put together the Geek’s Guide to Britain.”

Cornwall is represented in the book by Goonhilly Earth Station and The Lizard Wireless Station, said to be the oldest surviving Marconi wireless station in the world.

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