Cornish business on national TV


Luxury accommodation specialist Unique Home Stays is taking part in an innovative productivity experiment to be aired on prime time national television.

Inspired by the Swedish working ideal that a six-hour workday encourages workers to reach higher productivity levels, ITV’s ‘Tonight’ programme selected Unique Home Stays to participate in a fly-on-the-wall-style investigation into productivity in the work place.

Sweden has recently been hailed as the most productive country in the world whilst the UK has been named one of the least.  The televised experiment involved implementing several ‘productivity rules’ which staff trialled to see how their productivity levels were affected over the course of a week.

Graham Allcott, an expert in the field of productivity and author of the best-selling book ‘Productivity Ninja’, visited the Unique Home Stays office near St Columb Major to explain how adopting a more flexible approach to work can create a more “playful, productive momentum” in the workplace.

Some of the methods trialled included working a six-hour day instead of the more traditional eight hours, taking a five minute ‘reboot’ after every 25 minutes, standing up during meetings, and utilising the ‘Ninja Email’ theory which promises to help you achieve a ‘zero email’ inbox at the end of each working day.

The contemporary productivity models were put into practice by the team at Unique Home Stays and documented by an ITV film crew, with results due to be aired on the ‘Tonight’ show on December 10.

Unique Home Stays CEO, Sarah Stanley, said: “We approached this experiment about how to increase productivity in the workplace with aplomb and it has proven very fruitful.  We are definitely going to adopt some of the strategies we have tried; the statistics speak for themselves.”