Waste not, want not


The Budock Vean’s new kitchen waste policy has been delivering some dramatic results.

The Budock Vean

Over a year this translates to 12,000kg of vegetable and fruit peelings, egg shells, tea bags, lettuce leaves and food scrapings which instead of being sent to landfill are being composted to help fertilise the hotel’s 65 acres of gardens and parkland.

And it has paid economically as well, as those scraps would have taken up 150 general waste containers which at £14 per container for removal equates to a saving of £2.1k a year.

Owner Martin Barlow commented: “If you only do one green thing this year, make it this! We were already composting our grass clippings and garden waste, but we set ourselves a challenge to really reduce the waste from our kitchens and we’ve been staggered to see that a whole third of it can be composted and put back into enriching our grounds.

“We haven’t used any fancy technology but we took advice on what could and couldn’t be composted. Our basic, large-size compost bins will take around six months to work their magic and turn our kitchen waste into something really useful.”