BIS to support Daylight Savings?


The Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) announced today that it is considering supporting the Daylight Savings Private Members Bill.

The Bill, which completed its Second Reading in December last year, asks for a review of the potential costs and benefits of advancing the clocks by one hour in the UK.

MP Rebecca Harris, who put forward the Bill, commented: “I am delighted the Government is minded to give its support to the Daylight Saving Bill. My Bill is calling for an in depth study by the Government of the potential benefits or risks of moving the clocks ahead throughout the year.

“There are so many conflicting arguments on both sides of the Daylight Saving lobby. I believe we need a comprehensive and objective assessment of them.”

If the Bill is adopted, clocks would move forward two hours in the summer, opposed to a single hour as is the case with the current system.

The initiative has received support from a number of organisations, particularly from the tourism industry. Proponents of the Bill claim Daylight Saving could create up to 80,000 new jobs, bringing an extra £3.5 billion into the economy each year.

It would not be the first time that Britain has adopted Daylight Saving. Winston Churchill moved the clocks forward one hour throughout the year during the Second World War to maximise productivity, save fuel, and ensure people got home safely before the blackout.

Would an extra hour in the summer boost the region’s tourist industry? Let us know your thoughts, and add a comment below.



  1. Its enough of a pain that it moves 1 hour twice a year! Why not do away with it completely and be done with the damn thing?

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