No boom in hotel bookings


Predictions of a summer bookings boom for the south west’s hotels has failed to materialise, according to the latest snap-survey from Bishop Fleming.

With continuing uncertainties about the economy, together with disruption to aviation from Iceland’s volcanic ash and BA strikes, many pundits had forecast a large rise in stay-in-the UK holidays this year.

As of yet, however, this has not been reflected in bookings, according to the region’s hoteliers.

The great majority of respondents (82%), reported either no change to last summer’s bookings, or a decrease.

While 41% have seen no change in bookings compared to last year, a similar number have seen declines of at least 5% in bookings. For 13.5% of respondents, those declines are more than 15%.

Less than a fifth (18%) of respondents reported an increase in bookings that might be put down to the economic climate and aviation disruptions.

James Finnegan, the Bishop Fleming partner heading the firm’s hotel & leisure team, said: “Given the good weather at the start of this summer season, and the predictions that recession, employment uncertainties, and aviation crises would boost domestic bookings, these results are deeply disappointing.”