Rising to the top

L-R: Nicholas Rodda, a cow, and new hotel owner Clifford Freeman
L-R: Nicholas Rodda, a cow, and Clifford Freeman

Guests at the St Marys Hall Hotel on the Isles of Scilly have become the most southerly in the UK to enjoy a new range of milk produced by Roddas.

Not only is St Marys Hall Hotel the first in the Islands to stock the milk, but it is also one of the first in Cornwall, and forms part of its commitment to food quality and provenance in both the hotel and its newly opened Spirit Bar and Restaurant.

The range of milk is the same that goes into Roddas clotted cream, traveling less than 30 miles before being bottled and is the latest product from the Scorrier-based firm.

Roddas managing director Nicholas Rodda said he was delighted with the response to the launch of the new milk.

He said: “Throughout the 120 year history of Roddas we have had a policy of supporting local farmers and the launch of the milk range is further testament to this and we are delighted that our milk is now available on the Isles of Scilly.

“This launch is incredibly important for our brand and although it is still early days, the reputation that we have developed for our clotted cream really does seem to be having a positive knock on effect with the new milk range.”