A Cornish taxi company has just taken delivery of its first electric vehicle (EV).

IQ Cars, a local taxi company with bases in Indian Queens and Newquay, already has two hybrid cars and has now purchased the fully electric MG 5 Exclusive.

Director Norbert Horvath, director of parent company IQ Travel, said: “Purchasing an EV is something we’ve been planning and working towards for a while. We’re proud to say that two of our four cars up until now have been eco-friendly hybrid vehicles, but to finally have a fully electric car is a huge milestone for us and a sure step in the direction we want to be travelling in.”

IQ Cars started out in early 2019 and is now part of the umbrella brand IQ Travel, which was introduced in June. The group currently encompasses the taxi company as well as a private hire coach company, IQ Coaches. There are also plans to further develop the IQ brand, with the addition of IQ Buses and IQ Driving School.

The September issue of Business Cornwall magazine will feature a guide to some of latest electric cars available