An eco-friendly pub in St Agnes has underlined its green credentials after bringing in two electric cars for general and business use.

The environment is seen as a priority for The Driftwood Spars, which was named Most Sustainable Business for 2016 by the St Agnes Chamber of Commerce.

Owner Louise Treseder and manager Keith Tyack have implemented many different policies to be greener — from reducing food miles and chemicals usage, to sorting all waste and reusing plastics — and now they’ve taken the next step and brought in two Nissan LEAFs.

Treseder said: “We live in a beautiful place and for us, it’s about respecting where we are and making sure it’s as beautiful in the years to come. We believe in being environmentally responsible, and the Nissan LEAF really helps us achieve that, as well as promote the message as well.

“Economically, there are tremendous bonuses to having an electric vehicle but for us, environment is key.”

The two 100% electric Nissan LEAFs, which have a range of up to 155 miles on a single charge, were sold to the business by Town and Country Nissan of Truro.

Mick Wheeler, EV specialist at Town and Country Nissan, said: “The Driftwood Spars is a very special pub in a beautiful spot and I think it’s wonderful they’ve chosen the LEAF to promote their environmental and sustainable message.”