First Kernow has unveiled a fleet of ten new double decker buses which will connect Falmouth, Penryn, Truro and Redruth, providing environmentally-friendly travel as well as digital connectivity for passengers.

The launch took place at Penryn Campus, with local stakeholders and university representatives invited to a special preview of the new vehicles, which will serve both students and the local community along the U1 and U2 routes.

Alex Carter, MD of First Kernow, said: “We are proud to unveil these next-generation vehicles for routes linking Falmouth and Truro with the surrounding area. As a result of this investment, travelling by bus will now be even more environmentally friendly and comfortable, as well as reliable and affordable.”

The specially branded blue Enviro400 buses are lighter, more fuel efficient, quieter, and have increased seating capacity; they are also wheelchair accessible.

Passengers on the services will enjoy free Wi-Fi and USB charging sockets at most seats.

Fal River, the travel and tourism organisation for the area, helped launch the new buses and has greeted their arrival enthusiastically.

MD, Tim Light, said: “Buses are a great way to travel around the area for tourists, students and locals alike. We welcome this investment in our local transport infrastructure and are looking forward to seeing the smart new blue buses out and about.”


  1. These don’t run on time, and at times they don’t run at all. When I was on crutches, I waited ages, only to find out from a taxi driver that the timetable was wrong as the buses didn’t after midnight on a Monday (the timetable showed them running into early morning). When I complained to the company, they showed no compassion or logic, and told me that they’d decided that Tuesday was actually Monday (seriously – I have the e-mail) and therefore the timetable was “correct” as it mentioned in tiny writing that the buses didn’t run on Mondays (but said nothing about Tuesdays), and therefore they wouldn’t refund my £10 taxi fare despite the massive amount of money they get from students. I’m determined to get them fines for this as they’ve admitted that they don’t follow the timetable.

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