Open meeting for runway plans


The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company is inviting interested parties to find out more about plans to harden the main runways at Land’s End Airport.

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There will be an open meeting at the airport on Thursday (September 5) from 5pm to 7.30pm when members of the design team and airport staff will be on hand to explain the plans in more detail and how the works will be undertaken.

The proposals will see two out of the four grass landing strips at Land’s End Airport hardened with tarmac. There will be new runway lighting, drainage works and improvements to the taxiways and aprons.

The investment at Land’s End is designed to prevent a repeat of the prolonged disruption to flights last winter when heavy rain and drainage problems led to waterlogging of parts of the airfield.

Subject to formal agreement, the works are expected to be part-funded with up to £1.2 million of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Convergence Funding as part of a proposed £6.5 million ERDF investment in both Land’s End and St Mary’s airports to strengthen airlinks to the islands.

Airport manager, Chris Pearson, said: “This is the second open meeting we have had with the local community and is an opportunity to explain how the runway hardening will be undertaken and to answer any questions.

“We are aiming to complete the project as quickly as possible and have timed the work to minimise disruption. This is a significant investment and combined with the proposed enhancements to St Mary’s Airport will make the air links to the islands significantly more robust, especially during poor weather.”

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