Ferry plans appear terminal


Controversial plans for the proposed new ferry terminal in Penzance have been thrown out by Cornwall Council.

Campaigners against the scheme are celebrating, after claiming the scheme would ruin Penzance’s historic seafront.

However, supporters fear the economic repercussions that the decision could have on Penzance, saying that vital funding will now be lost and that the service could move to Falmouth.

Mike Waters, chairman of the Penzance chamber of commerce, called the ruling “tragic”, while Graham Hicks, from the Council’s own transportation department which had recommended the scheme, said it was “disastrous” for the town.

While the possibility of alternative schemes will now be explored, there are strong doubts whether there is sufficient time to carry out full costings before the funding runs out.

Meanwhile, local MP Andrew George is unimpressed with manner in which the councils both on the mainland and on the Isles of Scilly, have gone about the matter.

He said: “The obstinacy has jeopardised this vitally important project. I warned the two councils and repeated my warnings very clearly in August that the Battery Rocks proposal was ‘politically undeliverable’. They have now put this vital project and £30 million of public funding at risk.

“Instead of listening, the Council’s portfolio holder responded by engaging in name calling and insults. The Island Council adopted a policy of threats and bullying. The people of Penzance are bemused and worried in equal measure.

“I will be calling on the Shipping Minister to intervene with me in an attempt to salvage this project.

“English Heritage’s objection was clearly very influential. The Council should have been aware of this and acted on the advice they were offered in April; to demonstrate they would genuinely explore alternatives.”


  1. The scheme had been known about for several years, a huge amount of work had been put into it but English Heritage only objected a couple of weeks ago, far too late! They are an un-elected body who have scuppered the chance of both Penzance and the Isles of Scilly having a modern ferry terminals and a new ferry

  2. Surely whoever was proposing the scheme would have listened to the advice of a Conservation Officer who would have been aware of the influence that bodies like English Heritage have on important decisions.

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