Taylor pleased for Chiverton Cross


The Government has announced that £3.8 million is to be spent on junction improvements on the A30 at Chiverton Cross, which has been blighted by congestion in recent years.

The money comes from a £30 million pot being spent on transport projects across the country from the Department for Transport’s Community Infrastructure Fund.

Truro MP Matthew Taylor, who has been campaigning to secure investment for the improvements, commented: “I am extremely pleased to hear today’s announcement. I have met with Ministers twice to stress the urgent need for these improvements.

“The congestion problems on this roundabout have been simply unacceptable. I am glad that hard work has paid off and welcome the promised £3.8 million investment. Now we need to make sure that the improvements are sufficient to solve the problem congestion – and there is no delay in getting them done.”

There will be a wait, though. While small scale improvements will be made, the larger scheme is not due until 2016.


  1. Hurrah! This has been a long time coming – I have just arrived back from a meeting at Chiverton Starbucks (apparently THE place for business meetings – would prefer it is a local independent coffee shop was there) and had to battle through nose to tail traffic on the A30. Big thanks to Matthew Taylor for all his badgering on this.

  2. One major improvement that could be made NOW at very little cost is to the road markings and signage on the A30 Eastbound. All the signs and road arrows show the right hand lane of the approach to the roundabout as straight on to Truro but the exit is clearly a right hand exit. What is happening at the moment is that responsible drivers who want the A30 exit queue in the left lane marked A30 Bodmin (also Straight on + Newquay left) awaiting their turn to enter lane 1 (services + Newquay exit) or lane 2 ( A30 exit) of the roundabout whilst others either take the opportunity to shoot down the Truro exit lane and either cut in to the waiting traffic in the left lane or worse – use the Truro approach lane to join the roundabout, join in lane 2 and cut up the drivers that have been patiently waiting, or even worse – join the roundabout in lane 3(Truro) and cut across lane 2 to join the A30 when passing the A30 exit.
    I am surpised that there haven’t been more accidents caused by the irresponsible idiots who can’t be bothered to queue and use the Truro lane as a queue jump to the A30.
    If the Highways were to show signage and road markings for the right hand lane of an arrow pointing right (towards the Truro exit) and marked “A390 / Truro Only” it may cut down on the “genuine mistakes” made by the signage and possibly lead to more “on-the-spot” fines.
    What I don’t understand is that i do see police traffic cars parked between the services and Newquay exit on a “semi”-regular basis, why don’t they enforce this.

    This comes from a person who lives in Camborne and works in Truro, who has to make this jouney at least 5 times a week usually near to rush hour.

    Also the new Park and Ride at Threemilestone has made a small impact on the traffic jams at the Threemilestone roundabout on a morning BUT THEN THEY MOVE RICHARD LANDER SCHOOL CLOSER and force the school traffic to cross the A390 via a traffic light system.. Couldn’t this be a filter systen as opposed to a Stop/Go system… Who designs these road improvevments, I can only assume it’s someonne who doesn’t use that road on a regular basis during problem times.

    I very rarely leave replies to news stories but this, I feel has to be said.




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